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We take immense pride as an independant Canadian Pilates Studio.

Studio's History

Three close friends, Arda, Hulya, and David, shared a deep passion for Pilates and wanted to bring their love for this transformative exercise to the world. Inspired by their Turkish heritage, they decided to open a designer pilates studio and chose the name "Anka," which translates to "Phoenix" in English.


The phoenix, both in Turkish and in various mythologies around the world, symbolizes rebirth and renewal. Just like the mythical bird, pilates is known for its ability to transform and rejuvenate the body, helping individuals discover a new version of themselves physically and mentally. The name Anka perfectly represents their vision to create a space where people can rise from the ashes of their old habits and embrace a healthier and stronger lifestyle through pilates.


The similarities between the phoenix and pilates go beyond symbolism. Just as the phoenix has the ability to rise and be reborn from its own ashes, pilates focuses on building strength from deep within, activating the core muscles. It helps individuals develop a strong foundation, improve posture, and increase flexibility, enabling them to rise above physical limitations and discover newfound energy and vitality.


In designing the studio, the colors blue, white, and gold are the main color scheme. Blue represents tranquility, harmony, and peace – qualities that are essential in achieving a focused and calm mind during pilates practice. White symbolizes purity, cleanliness, and simplicity, reflecting the studio's commitment to providing a clean and serene environment for their clients. Gold, a color associated with luxury and abundance, represents the transformation and success that can be attained through the practice of pilates.


Anka's slogan, "A New Version of You," captures the essence of their studio's mission. It reflects their dedication to guiding individuals on a transformative journey through pilates, helping them unlock their full potential and become the best version of themselves – physically, mentally, and emotionally.


With their passion for pilates, the naming of Anka, and the thoughtfully chosen color scheme, Arda, Hulya, and David have created a pilates studio that embodies the spirit of the phoenix, offering a space for rebirth, growth, and self-improvement. Through their studio, they hope to inspire others to embrace their own transformational journey and experience the power of pilates in creating a new, stronger, and more vibrant version of themselves.




At Anka Pilates and Rehabilitation Centre, our mission is to propel individuals into a future of boundless health and well-being through the transformative power of Pilates. We are dedicated to guiding our clients on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and strength. By fostering a nurturing and forward-thinking environment, we provide innovative Pilates practices that empower individuals to overcome physical and mental limitations, unleashing their fullest potential.

Our vision is to be the architects of a future where Pilates is not just a fitness choice but a way of life that transcends boundaries. We see a world where individuals and communities grow together, inspired by the endless possibilities of holistic health. At Anka Pilates and Rehabilitation Centre, we are pioneers in shaping this vision. We're committed to continually evolving our Pilates techniques, embracing cutting-edge technology, and cultivating a futuristic fitness culture. Together, we're creating a future where health knows no limits, and we journey into a tomorrow filled with vitality, resilience, and endless opportunities for personal growth through Pilates.

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