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Membership Agreement Term and Conditions

Below are key policies, rules, and expectations of Anka Pilates and Rehabilitation Centre ("Anka" and the "Anka Policies") that apply to all members. Please read them carefully to ensure a great experience for everyone. These policies do not impact your copyrights.


Grip Socks: Mandatory for safety and sanitary reasons.

Check In:   Through the app.

                    At the Front desk.

Late Arrival:   10 min.

Guests: Memberships only. Different guest to each class. Until Oct 2024.

Double Booking: Not allowed for Unlimited members during weekends.

Waiting List: Up to 1 Hour before the class. If plans change, please remove yourself from the list.


Late Cancelation -> $30 Less than 12 hrs up to 1 hr

No Show -> $40 Or cancelling less than 1 hr

Membership Freeze -> $15 Bi-Weekly

Cancelation before commitment -> $100


Membership Cancelation: Please give 2 weeks’ notice.

Privacy: Be mindful while recording or taking pictures.

Instructor Changes: Can be last minute.

Phone use: Talking or texting during a class is prohibited.

Referral Program: Get some perks.



  • Check-In: Members are required to check in at the front desk or through Anka's app upon entry to a class. Checking back in is necessary if you leave and join another class.

  • Identification: Anka may request a photo identification for verification before entering the studio.

  • Good Standing: Access to the studio may be restricted if there are outstanding dues or membership is not in good standing.

  • Guests: Members who hold a membership can bring guests, who must check in at the front desk, present photo ID, and sign a Guest Waiver. Anka may limit guest access as needed.

  • Member Conduct: Members must behave respectfully towards others and avoid any aggressive or inappropriate behavior. Anka may take action for violations.




  • Cell Phone and Camera Use: Use of cell phones, cameras, and recording devices is prohibited in certain areas.

  • Lockers: Lockers are provided for convenience, and articles left overnight may be removed by Anka.

  • Personal Property: Anka is not liable for any loss, theft, or damage to personal belongings.

  • Dress Code: Appropriate athletic attire and gribsocks are required when using the studio equipment or participating in classes and private sessions.

  • Children/Youth: Individuals under 19 require a parent or legal guardian's waiver to participate.

  • Weapons: Firearms and other weapons are strictly prohibited.

  • Service Animals and Pets: Service animals are permitted, but pets and emotional support animals are not allowed.




  • Enrollment Fee: Anka requires for all members to pay a ninety nine-dollars ($99) enrollment fee unless otherwise stated by Anka.

  • Classes: Advance booking and reservation are required for all classes. All the classes require advance booking and reservation, and you will not be permitted to participate in these classes unless you have properly booked and reserved your spot. You may book one (1) class online per class category. Anka may give away your reserved spot if you are not in the class at class start time. If you book online (including through our mobile app), you may cancel a booked class up to twelve (12) hours before the class starts. If you do not cancel within this allotted time or check in by the start of class, you will be considered as having “missed” your booked class. Please avoid entering a class late or leaving a class early, as this is disruptive to other members’ experience. If you need to cancel or reschedule a class booking, please do so 12 hours or more prior to the class. Failure to cancel will result in the following: Class-credit members will lose a credit; Unlimited members will be charged $20 for a late cancel and no show.


Class Levels: Regardless of previous pilates experience, all members required to start at the “All Levels” class. This ensures you receive the ultimate Anka Pilates experience by covering all the essential foundations before advancing. Moving up to higher levels requires instructor approval, ensuring you are ready to safely conquer new challenges.


Group Classes and Private Sessions Payment: You are required to pay for private sessions and group classes on or before the date of the session. Anka reserves the right to cancel any scheduled session for which no payment has been received by twenty-four (24) hours prior


to the session. If you use a session that was not otherwise paid for, Anka will charge the credit card or other account then on-file with Anka.



Pre-Authorized Payments


All payments are pre-authorized coming out bi-weekly on your personalized billing date. This payment will be charged to the card that you have put on file. If you ever need to update your card on file, you can do so on the Anka`s app or by contacting the studio.


Private Session Cancellation: You may cancel or reschedule your session up to twenty-four

(24) hours before the session is due to start. You will be charged for the full cost of the session if you cancel or reschedule with less than twenty-four (24) hours’ prior notice or if you fail to show up to your session. You are not entitled to any refund for or reinstatement of any late- cancelled or missed session. If you do not show up to your session 15-minute prior, your session will be canceled automatically, and you will be charged for the full cost of the session.


Expiration of Sessions: 12-Pack private package expires in 3, 24-Pack private package expires in 6 months and 36-Pack private package expires in 9 months after the purchase, unless prohibited by law or a different expiration date is expressly stated in writing by Anka.


No Refunds of Sessions: All sales of sessions are final and non-refundable.


Membership Cancellation


Please provide 2-week written notice before your next billing date. An early cancellation fee one-hundred dollar ($100) may apply if canceling within the 3-month agreement period.

Please note, a $15 freeze fee cannot be used as a final payment.




  • Membership Freezes: Temporary suspensions ("Freezes") are allowed for non-medical and medical reasons.

  • Duration and Fee: Freezes are for consecutive calendar months. Bi-weekly fee of fifteen dollar ($15) may apply.

  • Billing: Bi-weekly dues will be held during the Freeze period.

  • Eligibility: Some conditions apply for Freeze eligibility.


How to Request a Freeze: All Freezes must be requested as follows. Your membership will automatically revert to active status at the end of the requested Freeze period. Requests for all Freezes must be made in advance and at least fourteen (14) days before the intended start date. Retroactive Freezes are not permitted. You may request a Freeze by any of the following methods:


  • In-person at the studio.

  • By phone at 778-995-2652


At Anka Pilates and Rehabilitation Centre, we uphold the right to refuse entry to our premises, decline the provision of any services, or the sale of any products to any individual, under certain circumstances. This policy ensures the safety and well-being of our staff and patrons.


Grounds for Refusal


We may refuse entry, service, or sale under the following conditions:


  1. Disruptive Behavior: Individuals displaying disruptive or harmful behavior towards staff, other clients, or the facility itself may be denied entry or service.


  1. Non-Compliance: Failure to comply with facility rules, regulations, or any reasonable requests from our staff may result in refusal.


  1. Safety Concerns: If an individual's presence or participation poses a safety risk to themselves, others, or the facility, entry or service may be refused.


  1. Violation of Policies: Violation of our center's policies and guidelines may lead to refusal of service.


1.2 Discrimination: Anka Pilates and Rehabilitation Centre strictly prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other protected status under applicable law. Refusal of entry or service shall not be based on these attributes.




Anka Pilates and Rehabilitation Centre acknowledges statutory holidays and will be closed during such days. On these days, our facility will not provide regular services or classes to the public. The specific holidays on which we will be closed will be communicated to our clients in advance to ensure adequate planning and scheduling.


These policies are in place to maintain a safe and inclusive environment for all individuals visiting our facility and to provide clarity regarding our hours of operation during statutory holidays. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in upholding these guidelines. For any questions or concerns regarding these policies, please contact our management team.




As a benefit of your new membership and otherwise from time to time, Anka may provide you with certain complimentary or promotional items, including without limitation, complimentary private sessions, group classes or months of membership, or other account credits or promotional gift cards (collectively “Complimentary Items”). Complimentary Items are offered at Anka`s discretion, have no cash value and are non-refundable, non- transferable, and non-descendible. Complimentary Items expire ninety (90) days after the date of issuance, unless otherwise expressly stated on a voucher or other written terms and conditions for a Complimentary Item. All applicable Anka Policies, including without limitation regarding booking and cancellation, apply to your use of Complimentary Items. Credits provided as a Complimentary Item may be used to purchase ancillary services and eligible retail merchandise, but may not be used towards membership dues, or any other third-party services offered at the studio. Complimentary Items may only be redeemed and used while you are a member in good standing and will become null and void upon any cancellation of your membership. Complimentary Items will not be considered in computing the amount of any refund to which you may be entitled upon cancellation of your membership.




How it Works: You are eligible to earn a complimentary gift card for referring a friend, family member or acquaintance to Anka, subject to the following rules. Referral gift cards will be provided as a credit to your account and typically are issued within thirty 3-5 days after the individual you referred joins Anka. Any referral gift cards earned through the referral program are considered Complimentary Items subject to the terms above. The referral program is a voluntary membership perk offered by Anka and may be modified, changed, or discontinued at any time, in Anka`s discretion, with or without notice you.

Who to Refer: The referral program is only valid for referrals who join and become new Anka members. You may refer anyone who you know and believe may be interested in joining Anka. However, the referral program does not apply to, and you will not receive a referral gift card for referring, any former member who re-joins Anka or any new member who joins with a short-term.

Eligibility to Participate: Members who have a past-due/overdue balance or are otherwise not in good standing with Anka, who receive membership on a complimentary basis, have a short-term membership or are employees of Anka or one of its affiliates are not eligible to participate in the referral program.



Making a Referral: You may refer a friend, family member or acquaintance by reaching out to our front desk team.


You may not generate referrals by using any robotic, automated, or programmed methods, engaging in spamming or creating a website or other means to solicit referrals from individuals you do not know.

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