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Meet Our Instructors



Meet Arda, an extraordinary pilates instructor and the manager of Anka Pilates and Rehabilitation Centre. Hailing from Istanbul, Turkey, Arda has an impressive athletic background as a professional volleyball player and swimmer. However, a knee injury in 2011 led him to discover the transformative power of pilates during his rehabilitation. Experiencing firsthand the incredible benefits of pilates, Arda became captivated by its ability to isolate muscles, enhance power, flexibility, balance, core strength, coordination, and body awareness. Motivated by his own journey of recovery and improvement, Arda embarked on a mission to become a certified pilates instructor and assist others in reaching their goals, living pain-free, recovering from injuries, improving posture, and gaining overall vitality. Arda's comprehensive pilates training with Balanced Body, coupled with his personal training expertise and degree in Kinesiology, equip him with a profound understanding of human anatomy and physiology. This knowledge is evident in his teaching style, which involves providing lots of corrections, offering hands-on adjustments, and delivering technical instruction. Arda believes in the importance of intentional movement, ensuring his students grasp the purpose and mechanics behind each exercise, rather than simply going through the motions. Having trained a diverse range of clients, from athletes to individuals aged 5 to 85, Arda is skilled at tailoring sessions to meet individual needs and abilities. He firmly believes that pushing our bodies beyond our comfort zones and embracing new challenges carries immeasurable benefits to our overall well-being. In addition to his role as the manager of Anka Pilates and Rehabilitation Centre, Arda is committed to teaching classes three days a week. His passion for pilates shines through in every session as he guides and empowers his students to achieve their full potential. Get ready to experience the profound benefits of pilates under the expert guidance of Arda at Anka Pilates and Rehabilitation Centre.



Introducing Ashley Rhianne, a dynamic artist based in Vancouver, Canada, whose passion for movement knows no bounds. Not only is Ashley a captivating bellydance performer, but she is also a highly skilled Pilates instructor and dance teacher. With a comprehensive Stott Pilates certification and a wealth of teaching experience, Ashley has honed her craft in various Pilates settings. From leading high-intensity fitness classes to collaborating with physical therapists for rehabilitative Pilates sessions, Ashley's expertise shines through. Additionally, her rehabilitation assistant diploma further enriches her understanding of the body and its mechanics. Beyond Pilates, Ashley boasts over 25 years of immersion in Egyptian oriental dance, earning her international recognition as a performer, teacher, and judge. Having graced stages around the globe and trained extensively with esteemed experts in Oriental dance, Ashley brings a wealth of knowledge and artistry to her practice. Driven by the transformative power of movement, Ashley believes in its ability to heal, strengthen, and empower individuals. She invites you to join her classes and embark on a journey of self-discovery through movement. With Ashley Rhianne as your guide, prepare to experience the magic of her instruction firsthand.



Meet Heather, a Certified Pilates instructor trained by the PhysicalMind Institute Canada. Heather's journey into movement began at a young age, fueled by a passion for sports and dance. However, it was Pilates that truly transformed her life after she experienced chronic pain following a car accident. Since discovering the rehabilitative benefits of Pilates in 2015, Heather has been dedicated to sharing its healing powers with others. Having personally experienced the transformative effects of Pilates through her own recovery from multiple car accidents, Heather deeply believes in the profound connection between the body and mind. She guides her clients to explore this connection, helping them to push past limitations and heal from within through movement and breath. Heather approaches each client with empathy and understanding, drawing inspiration from her own journey to help them unlock their body's potential and achieve proper alignment. With experience working alongside physical therapists, Heather has aided clients in rehabilitating from a range of injuries, surgeries, and chronic pain conditions. Her ultimate goal is to challenge her clients both physically and mentally, enhancing their strength, mobility, flexibility, and even promoting spinal lengthening to stand a little taller. Heather is passionate about witnessing her clients' progress and transformation through the power of Pilates, and she is committed to guiding them on their journey to optimal health and wellness.

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Tamara's journey with Pilates began during her teenage years as a part of her dance studio's curriculum. Intrigued by the graceful movements and the mind-body connection it offered, she delved deeper into the practice by exploring Mari Winsor Pilates DVDs and Rodney Yee yoga sessions. Tamara found solace and rejuvenation in these practices, cherishing the refreshed feeling she experienced after each class. Her passion for movement and holistic well-being led her to teach yoga in Central America. Upon returning to Vancouver, Tamara felt compelled to further expand her knowledge and deepen her practice by pursuing certification in Pilates in 2019 through the PhysicalMind Institute. Tamara firmly believes in the transformative power of connecting with the breath and body through movement, especially in today's fast-paced society. She is committed to sharing her passion for Pilates with others, guiding them on their journey to cultivate mindfulness, strength, and vitality through movement and breath.



Meet Juliana Santana, a passionate Brazilian educator with a deep-rooted love for movement. Graduating in Physical Education in 2000 from CEFID/UDESC, Juliana's journey into Pilates began as a personal rehabilitation method for chronic pain resulting from her past life as a competitive swimmer. Enthralled by the transformative power of Pilates, she delved deeper, earning her Contemporary Pilates Certification in 2008 from the Ivanna Henn Institute in Brazil. With over two decades of experience in studios and rehabilitation clinics in Brazil, Juliana's expertise spans a diverse range of techniques including Functional Circuit, Sling Training, Water Fit, and Mindfulness Health. Since relocating to Vancouver with her family in 2019, Juliana obtained certification from the American Council on Exercise in 2020 and has been dedicated to personalized training ever since. Continuing her pursuit of knowledge, Juliana recently completed the Kinesiology Program at Langara College and is on track to become a fully licensed Kinesiologist by the end of 2024. Currently, she is immersed in a new certification program in Authentic Classical Pilates through the Inelia Garcia Institute. Beyond her professional endeavors, Juliana finds joy in spending quality time with her husband and daughter, dancing, connecting with friends, and expanding her circle of acquaintances. Enthused by the prospect of improving people's health and well-being, Juliana's dedication to her craft shines through in every session at Anka Pilates.

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Olga's journey in the realm of Pilates began in 2013, where she embarked on her mission to share the transformative power of the Pilates Method with both groups and individuals. In 2018, she took her passion to new heights by establishing her boutique studio, "Pilates Home," nestled in Turkey, until her relocation to Canada/Vancouver in 2021. Her dedication to mastering her craft led her to graduate from Lolita's Legacy Pilates School in 2016, a prestigious institution steeped in the teachings of the elder of the Pilates method, Lolita San Miguel. Through rigorous training, Olga has earned certifications in specialized areas, including scoliosis, MS, hernias, joint pathologies, and pre/postnatal Pilates. Her commitment to excellence extends to her regular attendance at international Pilates congresses, ensuring she remains at the forefront of industry trends and innovations. With an intricate understanding of human anatomy and movement, Olga crafts personalized Pilates programs tailored to each individual's unique needs. Her clientele spans across all ages and encompasses a diverse range of clinical conditions, including specialized programs for pregnant women. Recognized for her anatomical expertise and bespoke program designs, Olga has garnered praise from medical professionals, including doctors and physiotherapists. Fluent in four languages—Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, and English—Olga fosters seamless communication with her clients, ensuring clarity and understanding throughout their Pilates journey. What began as a personal pursuit for enjoyment and well-being has evolved into a profound appreciation for the transformative potential of movement. Rooted in the philosophy of Joseph Pilates, Olga embraces precision and rigor in movement to cultivate a harmonious balance of physical and emotional well-being. With unwavering dedication to her clients' success, Olga upholds the highest standards of professionalism and ethics in her practice. She takes pride in witnessing the remarkable progress and improvements in her clients' lives, guided by the principles and methodologies of Pilates with utmost integrity. Driven by her passion for Pilates and a commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle, Olga eagerly anticipates the opportunity to empower individuals to enhance their quality of life through the transformative power of Pilates.

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